About Illuminate Sports Network

Illuminate Sports Network is a subscription digital video sports network that partners with leading tournament and event owners to provide live and on-demand game content accessible any time, anywhere. Built to deliver quality action and recruitment-centric sports content in the most robust delivery method available today, Illuminate presents players, fans, and coaches a best-in-class interactive online experience.

Why Illuminate?

Innovation + Knowledge + Industry Success

Illuminate Sports Network was created to give athletes, coaches and fans a centralized platform for top-notch live and on-demand sports content. We combine great tournament coverage with individual athlete profiles to give rising athletes the competitive edge for showcasing their talent on the field. Our team brings decades of experience in efficient online content delivery for many of the largest brands in the world - leveraging CDN-distributed video and building highly-successful innovative online solutions.

We bring an exciting, innovative, and fresh approach to online sports recruitment and the game watching-experience. Illuminate Sports Network is the place where athletes connect with recruiters, families and fans.

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For press inquiries, contact: support@illuminatesportsnetwork.com.